Quality and Regulatory Manager – SBM Offshore – Schiedam

Role Purpose

As Project Quality Manager, you are responsible for ensuring compliance with all standards, rules and other requirements imposed by Company, Regulators, Clients and other relevant Stakeholders.

You are the focal point for quality, internally to the Project, and externally to the Client, contractors and vendors.

You play a key role in promoting and embedding strong quality leadership, positive behaviours and culture amongst your Project.

You lead the activities related to quality to provide effective support to the Project.

Role Contribution

  • Develop and maintain quality plans and other relevant documentation meeting applicable requirements and expectations
  • Provide quality advice and support to the Project Team
  • Escalate Project issues to your discipline Manager
  • Contribute to qualification and/or selection of vendors/sub-contractors
  • Lead and/or conduct internal and external verifications/surveys/audits, and ensure that appropriate corrective actions are identified and effectively implemented
  • Manage deviations and related mitigating measures
  • Contribute to continuous improvements of the systems and tools, through providing feedback and lessons learnt to Project & discipline Manager
  • Monitor/Report Cost of Non Quality
  • Report incidents and monitor assigned actions
  • Take part in incident investigations (as assigned)
  • Consult and align with relevant stakeholders both internally and externally
  • Monitor quality performance of the project and related vendors and sub-contractors
  • Continually maintain an appropriate level of awareness, knowledge and preparedness across Project site
  • Actively contribute to the deployment of training programmes and communication campaigns
  • Foster and sustain a strong partnership with the Yard and SBM team on site
  • Manage Quality team
  • Manage shipyard Quality activities
  • The measure of your effectiveness will be:

  • Effective performance of the Quality Surveillance Plan
  • Satisfaction of relevant stakeholders
  • Cost of non-quality improvement
  • Survey results after campaigns and trainings
  • All Project site staff trained and aware of quality objectives
  • Typical deliverables:

  • Project Quality Plan
  • Audits Plan and reports
  • Site Surveillance Programme
  • Criticality Assessment report
  • Quality investigations report
  • Project Quality reports including notably: KPIs, major incidents, preventive &corrective actions, CoNQ, lessons learnt)
  • Input

  • Contract – SoW
  • Global Enterprise Management System (GEMS)
  • Project Specifications/Plans
  • Supplier/Sub-contractor QA Documentation
  • Working procedures
  • Feedback on Suppliers/Subcontractors performance (previous audit, NCR, area of concern)
  • Company & project introduction / induction
  • Subcontract
  • Output

  • Implementation and validation of the Project Quality Plan.
  • Quality related Project Deliverables (as a minimum Project Quality Plan / Audits Plan / Site Surveillance Programme / Criticality Assessment report)
  • Audit reports
  • Findings follow-up and close-out.
  • Planning / monitoring of Quality processes in line with Project requirements.
  • Periodic reporting in line with Project / Quality department requirements.
  • Coordination for Quality related activities
  • Project team induction /training to Quality objectives
  • Quality investigations
  • Quality Project reporting (KPIs, major incidents, corrective actions, and lessons learnt) as a minimum on a monthly basis;
  • Attend quality meeting as required (Internal / Clients);
  • Manage Quality team
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